What A Man Really Is

It’s crazy to think that I haven’t blogged in more than a month but…..this topic is extremely important and I think about it all the time.

When we think of a tough and masculine man, we picture large and toned muscles, high testosterone, aggressiveness, and a lot more manly qualities.

I’m just going to share this now. I barely ever go to the gym. The only form of exercise I do is run. I just don’t like it. I’m not a muscular person, I don’t have toned biceps like most guys and I can’t lift heavy weights.

I’m also a very sensitive guy. I am never aggressive. I’ve never yelled at friends or family in my entire life.

“The person who can do the most push-ups, is the manliest man of them all.”

Yeah I can probably only do twenty five pushups. Does this mean that I’m not a man?

What most people don’t understand is what a man really is. Being a man is not about becoming the tough guy or a body builder, or the person with the lowest voice. What a man really is, is someone who holds responsibility for their actions. Someone who shows maturity throughout their life. Someone who can respect themselves and others.

I have a goal in life. I want to end up getting married to a wife that I will treat like a princess and I want to raise beautiful children and support my own family. I support a women’s right to choose and I respect a woman’s independence when it comes to their education, career, financial, and family goals.

Real men set life goals and they know how to reach them because they work hard for it. They are intelligent and make the right choices.

So think about it. Would you rather think of a man who has an great body but at the same time an idiot or a man with responsible, mindful, and mature actions?


My theory about dogs

Well, I’m back. I’ve been thinking about this for days now and I thought that this might be a weird topic but what the hay.

If you haven’t heard yet, I have an awesome dog named Chester. I adopted him in March at the Humaine Society. He is doing great now!

My dog before I adopted Chester, was a dog named Rosie. She passed away from kidney failure. Something weird that happened was that the day she died, Chester was born the next day. Also, I was going through a tough time this February and after I adopted Chester, my feelings turned around.

Anyway, back to my theory. I know people would disagree about this because of “science” but if you keep reading about what I have to say, your brain will click. I feel as dogs are put on this planet by some type of higher human. Some people believe in one god, many gods, or have no belief. I do believe that there is someone who is controlling everything that is supposed to happen. I feel we all have a destiny. Some will die young and some will die old. Some will be unsuccessful and some will be successful. I believe that dogs are angels that are sent out on this earth to protect us. Dogs show us unconditional love. If we treat them with respect, they’ll show the same to us. We must treat them with love and they’ll be our best friend. They’re there for us when we are happy, they’re there for us when we are mad, and they’re there for us when we are sad. Their role is not to communicate with us because we need to learn how to deal and cope with our own situations but they will always be by our side to keep us comfortable.

This is my theory about my dog and he is an angel from heaven.


There’s always that one holy place where you can find peace. A place where you can abandon your stress. A place where your anxiety will vanish. A place where you can be connected. This place I call Camp Coleman is my paradise. I don’t care if I’m distracted by the activities. It’s my best friends. The reason why I go to this beautiful place is so I can connect with other people and with myself. Contrasting to camp, here feels like a sad, alone, dry, gloomy, and gray place. Sure, camp could have these negative qualities but at least you can experience the gloominess with your best friends. This separation sucks but I know some day I will be back at camp. Where I can be myself and never be separated from life.

Todah Rabah,


“In three words I can sum up everything about life. It goes on.” – Robert Frost



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Last night I decided to go to the Tampa Bay Rays baseball game. They were playing the Baltimore Orioloes. It started at 7:10 P.M. and it was a huge crowd like every other game. Baseball is not the first thing on my list but I went because I really didn’t have anything else to do that night besides going to my high school football game. I like baseball better than football so I went to the Rays game. I went with my father and my nine year old brother who adores the sport.

When I arrived, it was the second inning. The Rays were winning 2-0. I sat in my seat bored with my brother and father and everyone else in the staduim cheering around me. As time flew by, I decided to walk around the stadium because I was just done. I wanted to leave during the fifth inning. The Orioles then scored 2 points and it was 3-4 Orioles. The Rays then tied the game. It was the 9th inning, then 10th, 11th, 12th, 13, 14th and so on. I wanted to leave so bad. I was exhausted and hungry.

Lots of you might think to yourselves, what does this have to do with perseverance? Like I mentioned, baseball is not the first thing on my list. But the thing is, this game taught me to never give up. The Rays had to be exhausted out on the field. I was tired too. But the Rays never gave up. No matter how late it was, they wanted to win their game. I also didn’t give up. I stayed the whole game. It went on for 18 innings and I was there until 3 A.M. This was the longest game in Rays history.

You never know what kind of potential you have. Next time you have to go through a situation, deal with it. Never give up. Because you don’t know what positive things can come out of it. The Rays never gave up because they wanted to win the game for their fans and the fans who stayed for all eight hours showed them loyalty. To be honest, I actually had a great night and this doesn’t usually happen. I’m glad I went because I made the best out of it.

Signing off,


“Perseverance is failing the 19th time and succeding the 20th.” – Julie Andrews

How To Get Rid Of Stress

Have you ever felt like you wanted to punch someone in the face? Destroy your house? Break someone’s skateboard? Well I have the cure. Just follow these simple steps and you will feel relaxed 24/7

When you’re feeling stressed:

1. Talk to a friend. Sharing your feelings with someone you can trust will make you feel better. This person can also cheer you up.

2. Listen to music. Music helps calm the mind believe it or not.

3. Exercise. Exercising releases endorphins which help you feel refreshed.

4. Eat. Eating something delicious could make you feel jolly. Definitely Chipotle. Now that’s a good restaurant. Don’t eat to much because that can be unhealthy.

5. Meditate. Meditation helps you feel relaxed.

6. Connect with animals. Pets like dogs or cats are stress animals. They show unconditional love which is great for stress.

7. Watch your favorite TV show. Personally, my favorite channel is TruTV. I laugh whenever I watch Lizard Lick Towing.

8. Art. Drawing, painting, or sculpting can help.

9. Keep a journal. Writing stories, poems, or diary entries can help you let out your feelings in a different situation

10. Talk to your parents. This has to be the most important. Don’t be scared or embarrassed. Your parents are supposed to be there to love you. They can help you out with anything.

11. Sleep. Sometimes you just go to hit the hay and call it a day. Tomorrow will be new and you never know it could be better.

Now, let me correct something. You won’t feel relaxed 24/7 because you’re going to feel stressed at some point in your life. We just have to learn how to deal with certain situations. Imagine if the stress you’re feeling is a bully. It keeps teasing you and teasing you. Ignore the bully. Tell the bully that its not worth it.

I deal with stress all the time. Everyone else does too. Get over it.

Signing off,

“Imagine that stress is a bully. Take care of that bully.” – Corey Dolgin

27 Signs You’re In A Serious Relationship With Chipotle

Thought Catalog

1. You haven’t just eaten there more than once a week. You’ve eaten there more than once a day.

2. You’re the type of person to order extra rice and beans (and double wrap the tortilla) just to have some for breakfast tomorrow.

3. You know that leftover Chipotle is the world’s best chip dip.

4. You constantly obsess over how to get the best bang for your buck at Chipotle — the magic combination of meats and sauces that will crack the code. When you find your “hacks,” you dare not share them.

5. You believe the world could be divided into “Carnitas” people and “Barbacoa” people.

6. You know the correct pronunciation of both “Barbacoa” and “Chipotle” (which is “shee-poht-lay,” for the record).

7. You flirt with ordering something new, but you always know what you’re going to get. You know what you like and you don’t apologize.

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10 Tips For Going Through Heartbreak


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Atleast once in everyone’s lives, we all go through heartbreak. I’ve fallen for a couple girls once but they didn’t show the same feelings as I did. Here’s some tips that I’ve learned on how to get out of this state called, heartbreak.

1. Say to yourself that you are much better than this person and would regret not having you because you are respectful and compassionate.

2. Throw everything away. Get rit of their phone number. Unfollow them on Twitter and Instagram. Unfriend them on Facebook. Don’t have any contact with them.

3. Quit bringing them up in conversations. Everytime you keep talking about them, it just makes it worse. You may feel like it helps, but it’s actually the opposite.

4. Take a break from seeing his or her friends. Don’t go to places that remind you of him/her.

5. Do other things that you like to do. Like maybe going to the gym, playing an instrument, or hanging out with a best bud.

6. Remember the negatives. This will help you find the flaws of this boy/girl. This will show you that he/she is not the one for you.

7. Freedom. Know that you don’t have any responsibilty anymore. You can do whatever you want.

8. If you listen to depressing or love music, you need to stop immediately! This will make your situation even worse. Trust me! I personally went through this problem.

9. If you have any pictures of him/her in an album, get rit of them. I understand they were wonderful memories but you need to move on.

10. Look for another guy/girl. But this time, make him/her even better. This will help you get over him/her because now you know what you’re looking for.


Guys/Girls, if you’re a teenager, PLEASE do not stress out about not having a boyfriend/girlfriend. You’re so young. You have so much time to find the perfect one. Enjoy the little things in life first. Trust me. The time will come.


Signing off, 



“You’re soulmate could be wishing from the same wishing star as you.” – Corey Dolgin

The Minority

Best Buddies is a non-profit organization that creates friendships for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Through my high school career, I’ve realized that kids with disabilities don’t really have the chance to do activities that other kids can do. Like play sports, go swimming, and a lot of other fun things that these kids are incapable of doing on their own.

Lot’s of people say think mentally handicapped people are cute or they say, “He/She needs help. They can’t do this!” Well you’re wrong. Even though they may be a bit different and may need a tad assistance, they are equal to everyone else on this planet. 

There are lots of annual days during the year like the day, “Spread The Word to End The Word” that is held at the beginning of April every year. My job is to eliminate the “R” word (Retarded) from everyone’s vocabulary. This word is very offensive and just because these kids are mentally handicapped, they still work just as hard as everyone else.

During my experiences, I really made differences in many kids’ lives. I remember like it was yesterday when I first met my best buddy, Anthony. I baked him some fresh cookies out of the oven and put them in a box for him. As he walked into his classroom, I handed him the cookies and he suddenly had a gigantic smile on his face and said with excitement, “Wow! Thank you so much! I love you! You are my best friend!.”

Other than hanging out with Anthony, there were also other kids who’s lives I made an impact on. I cheered on my friend Marvin, and he won the special olympics gold medal. I danced with my friend Jordan at the Best Buddies Friendship Ball. I made my friend, Ari chuckle.

After the year ended, I thought to myself that these kids don’t really complain about anything. They can take anything and turn it in to something awesome. All of these memories and experiences changed me into a different person and I will never forget these wonderful kids in the future.


Signing off,



“Take the DIS out of disabilty” – Corey Dolgin

High School Popularity


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High School is the four years of your life where you can really show a majority of people what you are made of or what your background is. Everyone wants to be popular in high school.  Some have lots of friends and some don’t.

You see, I don’t have that many friends in high school but that’s okay! Why would I want to have a quantity of friends rather than a quality of friends? In other words, why would I want to have fifty friends that are aquantinces rather than three friends who are loyal and stand by your side everyday?

Being “popular” doesn’t matter in life. In won’t help you in college. Being a cheerleader for your team could help you earn a scholarship, but if you just want to be a cheerleader just to be popular than what’s the point?

Bill Gates, creator of Microsoft was the biggest geek in high school. He was definately NOT popular. Obviously, he is very well known today and is one of the richest men in the United States.

Don’t stress out by trying to hangout with people who are “popular”. Go hangout with the kid sitting in the corner eating lunch all alone. He could be Steve Jobs in the future.

Signing off,


“Avoid popularity; it has many snares, and no real benefit.” – William Penn

A passion of mine


Being involved in something so wonderful for the past three years has truly been a blessing. A huge part of my life is devoting my time in working with special needs boys and girls. I can say that this act has changed me, and had shown me the importance of acceptance. Promoting my dedication for this also includes diminishing the “R” word (retarded) from daily vocabulary. Even if the word is referenced in a different way, it’s still highly offensive and inapropriate. Feeling bad for someone with special needs is uncalled for. There’s no need to be sympathetic, or express extra kindness. No, reality check: they aren’t babies, so please just treat them equally to how you treat anyone else. You might then say, “but special needs people need more help than others and they can’t do certain things.” Guess what? You’re wrong. Yes they might need just a tad…

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