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High School is the four years of your life where you can really show a majority of people what you are made of or what your background is. Everyone wants to be popular in high school.  Some have lots of friends and some don’t.

You see, I don’t have that many friends in high school but that’s okay! Why would I want to have a quantity of friends rather than a quality of friends? In other words, why would I want to have fifty friends that are aquantinces rather than three friends who are loyal and stand by your side everyday?

Being “popular” doesn’t matter in life. In won’t help you in college. Being a cheerleader for your team could help you earn a scholarship, but if you just want to be a cheerleader just to be popular than what’s the point?

Bill Gates, creator of Microsoft was the biggest geek in high school. He was definately NOT popular. Obviously, he is very well known today and is one of the richest men in the United States.

Don’t stress out by trying to hangout with people who are “popular”. Go hangout with the kid sitting in the corner eating lunch all alone. He could be Steve Jobs in the future.

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“Avoid popularity; it has many snares, and no real benefit.” – William Penn