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Atleast once in everyone’s lives, we all go through heartbreak. I’ve fallen for a couple girls once but they didn’t show the same feelings as I did. Here’s some tips that I’ve learned on how to get out of this state called, heartbreak.

1. Say to yourself that you are much better than this person and would regret not having you because you are respectful and compassionate.

2. Throw everything away. Get rit of their phone number. Unfollow them on Twitter and Instagram. Unfriend them on Facebook. Don’t have any contact with them.

3. Quit bringing them up in conversations. Everytime you keep talking about them, it just makes it worse. You may feel like it helps, but it’s actually the opposite.

4. Take a break from seeing his or her friends. Don’t go to places that remind you of him/her.

5. Do other things that you like to do. Like maybe going to the gym, playing an instrument, or hanging out with a best bud.

6. Remember the negatives. This will help you find the flaws of this boy/girl. This will show you that he/she is not the one for you.

7. Freedom. Know that you don’t have any responsibilty anymore. You can do whatever you want.

8. If you listen to depressing or love music, you need to stop immediately! This will make your situation even worse. Trust me! I personally went through this problem.

9. If you have any pictures of him/her in an album, get rit of them. I understand they were wonderful memories but you need to move on.

10. Look for another guy/girl. But this time, make him/her even better. This will help you get over him/her because now you know what you’re looking for.


Guys/Girls, if you’re a teenager, PLEASE do not stress out about not having a boyfriend/girlfriend. You’re so young. You have so much time to find the perfect one. Enjoy the little things in life first. Trust me. The time will come.


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“You’re soulmate could be wishing from the same wishing star as you.” – Corey Dolgin