Have you ever felt like you wanted to punch someone in the face? Destroy your house? Break someone’s skateboard? Well I have the cure. Just follow these simple steps and you will feel relaxed 24/7

When you’re feeling stressed:

1. Talk to a friend. Sharing your feelings with someone you can trust will make you feel better. This person can also cheer you up.

2. Listen to music. Music helps calm the mind believe it or not.

3. Exercise. Exercising releases endorphins which help you feel refreshed.

4. Eat. Eating something delicious could make you feel jolly. Definitely Chipotle. Now that’s a good restaurant. Don’t eat to much because that can be unhealthy.

5. Meditate. Meditation helps you feel relaxed.

6. Connect with animals. Pets like dogs or cats are stress animals. They show unconditional love which is great for stress.

7. Watch your favorite TV show. Personally, my favorite channel is TruTV. I laugh whenever I watch Lizard Lick Towing.

8. Art. Drawing, painting, or sculpting can help.

9. Keep a journal. Writing stories, poems, or diary entries can help you let out your feelings in a different situation

10. Talk to your parents. This has to be the most important. Don’t be scared or embarrassed. Your parents are supposed to be there to love you. They can help you out with anything.

11. Sleep. Sometimes you just go to hit the hay and call it a day. Tomorrow will be new and you never know it could be better.

Now, let me correct something. You won’t feel relaxed 24/7 because you’re going to feel stressed at some point in your life. We just have to learn how to deal with certain situations. Imagine if the stress you’re feeling is a bully. It keeps teasing you and teasing you. Ignore the bully. Tell the bully that its not worth it.

I deal with stress all the time. Everyone else does too. Get over it.

Signing off,

“Imagine that stress is a bully. Take care of that bully.” – Corey Dolgin