Well, I’m back. I’ve been thinking about this for days now and I thought that this might be a weird topic but what the hay.

If you haven’t heard yet, I have an awesome dog named Chester. I adopted him in March at the Humaine Society. He is doing great now!

My dog before I adopted Chester, was a dog named Rosie. She passed away from kidney failure. Something weird that happened was that the day she died, Chester was born the next day. Also, I was going through a tough time this February and after I adopted Chester, my feelings turned around.

Anyway, back to my theory. I know people would disagree about this because of “science” but if you keep reading about what I have to say, your brain will click. I feel as dogs are put on this planet by some type of higher human. Some people believe in one god, many gods, or have no belief. I do believe that there is someone who is controlling everything that is supposed to happen. I feel we all have a destiny. Some will die young and some will die old. Some will be unsuccessful and some will be successful. I believe that dogs are angels that are sent out on this earth to protect us. Dogs show us unconditional love. If we treat them with respect, they’ll show the same to us. We must treat them with love and they’ll be our best friend. They’re there for us when we are happy, they’re there for us when we are mad, and they’re there for us when we are sad. Their role is not to communicate with us because we need to learn how to deal and cope with our own situations but they will always be by our side to keep us comfortable.

This is my theory about my dog and he is an angel from heaven.